Animals ( Arts and Crafts)
This is the first unit of Arts and Crafts designed for the beginning of the third term in a Bilingual school. Year 1.
The same topic will be worked in Science and Literacy, at the same time.
Through this unit children learn how to name and describe some animals, as well as their immediate environment. In the description they will also include typical actions and sounds they produce. They will also learn their habitats and food they eat.
In this art and design, drama and music work unit we will focus on:
- Listening and Acting out “the elephant song”
- Crafts drawing the different animals included in the song.
- Making a Crazy Animal Book. (Animal Lore pattern) in coordination with the Literacy/ English Language subject. Written Description, Reading and Name the new animals.
- Oral Reading/ Sounding the new names.
They will also work some Basic Competences.
Work in this unit offers opportunities to relate understanding of science with arts and design, music and drama.
They will design a book with all the animals worked in the video. The animal pictures will be divided into three parts so they will mix them to get weird animals and give them weird names and descriptions.
This unit will take approximately 6 sessions.
Children need to know:
- Some animals’ names( elephant, monkey, fish, dog, cat, bear, frog, mouse)
- Some parts of the animals’ names(head, body, legs, nose, ears, mouth, eyes).
- Colours.
- Adjectives to describe the animals (big/small, long/short).
- Some actions the animals can do(walk, run, jump, climb trees, swim).

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